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is rooted in a family tradition of carpentry craftsmanship; over the years, it expanded its expertise addressing its main activity towards the production of every kind of art exhibitions . Thanks to its competence and equipment, the Company is able to ensure the proper execution of each phase of the work, including graphic editing and electrical, audio-video and lighting systems. Tagi 2000 always operates with the utmost professionalism to satisfy every necessity of public and private institutions at local, national and international level. Also, Tagi 2000 has a great experience in temporary events: it owns many structures that can be rented to cut down the costs for the client without ever giving up quality. The Company has the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 patent and the SOA OG2-I and OS6-III certification, ensuring works that comply with the current laws...


About US

    The activity of Tagi 2000 ranges from carpentry to rental of structures and furnitures for all kind of events, focusing mainly on the set up of art exhibitions in prestigious museums and venues, making the Company a point of reference for very important productions. During its decades-long activity, Tagi 2000 has developed an outstanding degree of experience and a high level of reliability that allows it to offer to its current customers services ranging from the mere production of their own project to the design itself and its realisation.

      Tagi 2000 was founded in 1991 by the current administrator: son of a craftsman, he passed his family tradition on his Company, making the human value its true and special strength. The love for its work and the experience gained over time led Tagi 2000 to refine its skills also in the processing and fabrication of metal structures and other materials used for concerts and major cultural and sport events. Tagi 2000 has the abilities to make custom furniture as well as the set up of art exhibitions and public events, both by using the best of its architects’ creative skills and by realizing projects provided by the client, always with the utmost professionalism. In this way, the Company meets every need of public and private institutions at local, national and international level and, thanks to its competence and equipment, it ensures the best execution of each phase of the work.

        Experience and expertise therefore ensure the effectiveness of standardized services as well as ad hoc solutions. This, and the quality of the offered services, made Tagi 2000 a leader in the set up of art exhibitions and the fitting out of new exhibition places, sectors that require essential harmony between the structures and what is to be shown. The Company gives an effective support in every phase of the work, identifying appropriate and economic solutions that keep up with the innovations in technologies and materials without penalizing the attention to details and finishes that gives the preciosity of craftsmanship to the final product. Tagi 2000 applies its know-how neatly but concretely: design, organization, execution, transport, preparation and safety: concerning the latter, it is very important to underline the commitment to safety at work through the analysis of each project and its realization, and through the continuous training of the staff with the help of external experts.

        Moreover, the long-standing and consolidated presence on the market as a set up Company allows Tagi 2000 to find raw materials and high quality, semi-finished products at convenient prices and favourable conditions to pursue the best result with the best quality/price ratio.semi-finished products of high quality , favorable prices and favorable conditions, such as to pursue the maximum result with the best quality / price ratio.

          Tagi 2000 has the d UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 patent and the SOA OG2-I and OS6-III certification, ensuring works that comply with the current laws. All the used materials are certified to comply with the current laws and/or with municipal, regional and national regulations concerning fire prevention, structural stability, etc.

          The company organization makes use of the following professional skills:
          • • 1 administrator
          • • 3 architects and project managers,
          •   2 of which are technical directors
          • • 1 graphic designer
          • • 1 administrative manager and 2 secretaries
          • • 1 logistic manager
          • • 1 commercial manager
          • • 1 responsible for carpentry
          • • 1 storekeeper
          • • 2 drivers
          • • 5 foreman workers
          • • 10 specialized workers
          The main production plant for woodworking, a warehouse of rental equipment, the employees rooms, the meeting room, the changing rooms and toilets are located in the headquarters of Tagi 2000. There is also a workshop for iron working and a booth for wood and iron painting.
          In addition there are other warehouses, both indoors and outdoors, for a total surface of about 4500 square meters, as well as another 8000 square meters warehouse and an artisan carpentry workshop of about 120 square meters.

          Tagi 2000 owns a modern carpentry workshop for all types of wood manufacturing, fitted with the best equipment renewed in 2017 and suitable for processing wood and other materials such as forex and plexiglass. It is about 1000 square meters wide and it enables the Company to make quality products

            Also, the carpentry has a modern (2017) Planer that allows to achieve an exceptional finish in extreme silence, improving dust extraction by generating very small chips. There is also a CNC Panel Saw with a sucking support plane and computerized cutting optimization.

            Another modern machine is the Single Head Rising Blade Cutting-off Machine , for cutting from 15° to the left to 15° to the right as well as intermediate angles.

            Lastly, the carpentry has a cutting-edge suction system with centralized and optimized ATEX filter, adequately sized to work simultaneously with all the equipment. In this way the environment is kept at an ideal cleanliness and the amount of dust is negligible or absent.

            There are also:

            • 1 vertical panel saw • 2 circular hand saws • 1 press
            • 1 cut-off machine • 2 belt sanders • 2 spindle machines
            • 1 four-axis CNC • 1 calibrating machine • 1 heat press
            • 1 thicknessing / surfacing planer • 1 automatic edgebanding machine • 1 electronic thicknessing planer
            • Centralized compressed air system • Centralized vacuum system

            The iron processing workshop is about 200 square meters wide and is equipped with the following tools: welding torches, electric welders, band saw, cut-off machine for iron with water/oil emulsion cooling system, and a smoke extractor system.
              The painting booth has a 50 square meters room with carbon, glass wool and honeycomb cardboard filters for pressurized painting, a 50 square meters drying room, and a 50 square meters sanding and polishing area.
              The following means of transport are available for the workers : two vans, a 25 q methane truck, a 35 q methane curtain truck, a 35 q open truck with a crane, and a 75 q truck with a tail lift.
              The handling equipment is a 10 t overhead crane and two 25 q forklifts.
              The secondary carpentry workshop is equipped with the following craft machinery: a manual panel saw, a band saw, a thicknessing/surfacing planer, a combined spindle, a belt sander and a compressor suction system.
              For its almost twenty year long activity, Tagi 2000 has been working in the most representative museums and venues of Rome and Italy, carrying out prestigious exhibitions that also marked the opening - or the renovation and reopening - of those spaces. Some of the set up exhibitions have been rewarded with an honorable mention to the XXIII edition of the renowned prize «Compasso d’Oro», the oldest and most influential world design award , or included in the ADI Design Index, a collection of the best works in the architecture sector .

              Set up works and exhibitions for the opening, reopening or renovation of museums :
              •  Museo di Roma Palazzo Braschi (Roma) – Allestimento permanente, 2001
              •  Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Roma) – Rothko Ceroli Kubrick, 2007
              •  MAXXI (Roma) – Gino De Dominicis. L’immortale, 2010
              •  Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna (Roma), Lavori di riallestimento, 2011-2012
              •  Palazzo Albergati (Bologna) – Escher, 2015
              •  Museo Civico Archeologico (Bologna) – Egitto. Splendore millenario, 2015
              •  MUDEC - Museo delle Culture (Milano) – Africa. La terra degli spiriti, 2015
              Award-winning installations :
              •  Universo Rietveld, MAXXI (Roma) – Menzione D’Onore al “Compasso d’Oro”
              •  Gino De Dominicis. L’immortale, MAXXI (Roma) – Menzione D’Onore al “Compasso d’Oro”
              •  Paul Klee e l’Italia, Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna (Roma) – Menzione D’Onore al “Compasso d’Oro”
              •  Copyright Italia.Brevetti, marchi, prodotti 1948-1970, Archivio Centrale dello Stato (Roma) – ADI Design Index
              •  CoBrA e l’Italia, Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna (Roma) – ADI Design Index
              •  1961-2011. Cinquant’anni di arte in Italia, Reggia di Caserta – ADI Design Index
              •  Sulla via della seta. Antichi sentieri tra Oriente e Occidente,Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Roma) – ADI Design Index


Works Album

Pictures of the most successful works from the last four years: a testimony of the importance of combining craftsmanship precision and experiential quality, as well as handicraft and technology, from the project to its realisation...



  • Tagi 2000 srl is registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Rome at 917080

  • Tagi 2000 srl is certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 sector EA28

  • Tagi 2000 srl has the SOA certification for the OG2-II and OS6-III categories

  • Tagi 2000 srl has an insurance "All risk" policy with a ceiling of € 5,000,000.00

    The materials used in the various processes are always accompanied by the certifications required by the Commissions in compliance to what is foreseen by the laws in force and / or by the regional, municipal and / or state regulations, regarding fire prevention, immobility, etc.


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